There are a huge range of societies on site that are all free to join and love welcoming in new students! Each society is made up of groups of passionate students with a shared interest and meet regularly to increase awareness of their cause, 为慈善机构筹款,并乐在其中! 下面是他们个人脸谱网页面的链接.


Aca 'Rangers是一个无伴奏合唱团, welcoming all students who have an interest in music or singing. 长期目标是在比赛中表现出色!


The 犬类社会 is for any individual who has an interest or simply enjoys the company of dogs. The purpose of this society is for individuals to meet and discuss anything around the subject of the taxa. Further learning on specific taxa from expert staff is available. IM体育下载促成了学生小社区的建立, 论文前景和人际关系技能的增长.


会员使用社交媒体等资源, 视频博客, blogs leaflets and posters to promote what the college offers. The society also creates of the weekly student life coverage, called the ‘Reaseheath Round-Up’


The Reaseheath 保护协会 aim to support local conservation projects, 为保护生物多样性作出贡献, 并促进可持续利用和享受自然. As well as this the 保护协会 also aims to promote the awareness of issues, 发布有关保护技术的IM体育下载 & legislation, and raise money for selected charitable organisations.


一群有创造力的人, ambitious and like-minded group of students who create unique crafts for certain events, 比如社交活动和圣诞集市. However, you can paint, stick, cut and write as much as you like and create yourself a master piece.


IM体育下载说“你的声音很重要”时,IM体育下载是认真的! The Entertainments 社会 is open to all students and works closely with the IM体育下载 Team to develop your entertainment calendar. But not only does this society gather those ideas, most of they time they also deliver them. 这个范围可以是:

  • IM体育下载自己版本的游戏节目
  • 疯狂的赌博游戏
  • 各种主题的测验
  • 鸡尾酒和鸡尾酒之夜

这样的例子不胜枚举. Things will look a little different this year with COVID still around, but we are still ensuring that there will still be a range of activities going on. Although smaller scale this will allow getting to know students in smaller groups!

On top of all that they also work with the IM体育下载 Team to arrange the highlights of the student life calendar, 哪个是舞会:新生舞会, 冬天的球, 春天舞会和夏天舞会. 就像所有社会都对所有人开放一样!


电影与摄影协会允许会员练习, 使用和发展他们的摄影技巧. 无论你是业余爱好者还是专家,欢迎每个人. The society works closely with the 学生协会 to provide engaging content to promote student-life and all that it has to offer.


这个社团是为所有哈利·波特爱好者准备的! It allows students to meet on a regular basis to discuss all things Potter, 所以拿起你的扫帚, 为这个团体祈祷或祈祷.

LGBTQPA + & 联盟的社会

This society meet up weekly separately from the wellbeing LGBTQPA + group to socialise in a friendly, welcoming and inclusive environment to casually discuss topics in relation to this area in a respectful manner and plan cross campus events.


Each year our students select a local charity to raise funds for throughout the academic year. 学生日历的一个亮点是RAG周. The RAG Committee and 学生协会 run a huge number of events for the student body, 协助不同的慈善机构筹款,包括:

  • 哈德良长城徒步旅行
  • O2爬
  • 瑞斯希斯带我出去
  • 许多种族
  • 镇中心集合
  • 拖拉机拉
  • 斯诺登峰爬
  • 烤销售
  • 协助社区活动
  • 师生体育赛事
  • 万圣节地窖之旅等等!


The Reaseheath 禽流感的社会 was created to encourage members to develop their knowledge and skills based on a variety of bird species that call Reaseheath Zoo home. You’ll find yourself working with a variety of domestic birds (chickens, 鸭, kookaburras) as well as a variety of Birds of Prey from our own zoo and other collections. 这将是牧向公众的示范.


If reptiles and amphibians are your forte, then the 爬虫学社会 is for you. Current students are raising money for various reptile charities within the UK and other countries. Within the society students will be doing enrichment and practical sessions with the reptiles within Reaseheath zoo.

动物浓缩 & 培训的社会

动物浓缩 and Training  is a society that helps increase the welfare and reduce the stress of the animals on campus, using positive training such as clicker/touch/treat training, this would aim to be able to show a significant reduce in stress levels. The society also helps around the Zoo with the Zoo keepers to help manage enclosures and maintenance.


文化协会是今年的新成员, it is an open and well managed group of students who with support from a staff liaison, 教育和支持来自不同背景的学生, 种族和宗教.

手语 社会

This society is a group of students interested in learning more about sign language. 你不需要事先有任何知识就能参与其中!


爱Pokemon Go吧,这个社会是为你准备的! 加入精灵宝可梦冠军的团队来抓住他们所有人!! (然后再次抓住它们用于升级).


Like travelling, planting trees and creating your own landscapes? If you have the animal crossing game come along to this group. (We do not take responsibility for theft via Animal Crossing island visits).