Starting life as a college student is an exciting adventure but can often be daunting for parents and guardians. We have a wealth of experience helping students with the transition from school to college. IM体育下载学校联络小组 visits many schools and are often the first point of contact for you at parents evenings and careers events. They can assist with information on the college, our courses and the application process.

IM体育下载已经在整个校园的工业标准设施上投资了超过8000万英镑. IM体育下载课程开放的IM体育app手机下载 which we run throughout the year give you the opportunity to visit the college and allow students to familiarise themselves with our campus. At these events students and their parents/ guardians can talk to course staff and current students alongside members of the 金融, 运输, 住宿和学习者支持团队. 也有机会参观一个特定的主题领域.

IM体育下载的目标是以生产工业为主, 为职业生涯做好准备的学生,除了他们的学业, 学生们朝着 Reaseheath BeReady护照,培养他们在事业和生活上取得成功的技能.

学生们告诉IM体育下载,没有什么能比得上瑞斯海斯的经历, 确保IM体育下载的学生得到良好的支持对IM体育下载来说至关重要. We have outstanding student services and wellbeing teams who are on hand 24/7 to help with anything from health, 金融, 运输, 住宿,甚至想家. IM体育下载的学习支持团队提供1:1的支持, 参加会议,用辅助技术提供帮助.

We are continually raising our standards to ensure that we provide the best high quality teaching and learning. The results of our latest Ofsted inspection in December 2019 showed that Reaseheath continues to be good (Grade 2) with some exceptional features and continues to be outstanding in many areas (点击这里阅读更多相关内容). In September 2017 the college also underwent another Ofsted inspection regarding the Care Standards Commission, which is responsible for ensuring the safeguarding of young people and vulnerable adults. The inspection report found Reaseheath to be outstanding in all areas: overall effectiveness, 对年轻人的影响, 的服务质量, leadership and management and safeguarding were all judged to be at the highest level (点击这里阅读更多相关内容).

如果您有任何疑问或需要进一步的信息, please look through the relevant pages on our website or contact 学生服务 by email – enquiries@mphpersonalstatement.com 电话:01270 613242, w在这里 we will be able to put you in touch with the appropriate person to deal with your query.

IM体育下载目前有23条大学巴士路线, 这是唯一供瑞斯heath学生使用的. IM体育下载的 运输 team supervise the arrival and departure of every bus, and each driver is DBS checked. If we receive reports of problems or delays on routes to and from college we will sent text alerts to both students and parents/guardians. 你可以找到更多关于IM体育下载运输的信息 在这里.

在瑞斯希思,IM体育下载为多达1000名学生提供住宿. 18岁以下的学生住在单人宿舍,每天三餐, if your son/daughter has any allergies please inform us so suitable meals can be provided. IM体育下载的 student services team are on hand to help with any issues regarding 住宿 and t在这里 is a safeguarding team who are on hand 24/7. 请访问IM体育下载住宿 页面完整的细节和费用.

We only offer 住宿 to apprentices who attend blocks of training as part of their apprenticeship programme. 没有为学徒提供日间培训课程的住宿.

As long as the student is under 19 on the 31 August of the same year they intend to start their course, 学费和考试费用是免费的. 19岁以上的学生请访问IM体育下载学生资助 高级学生贷款的建议页面.

每个学生都将得到一份开始课程所需物品的清单. 此外,全年还会有旅行和游学活动.

T在这里 are a number of different funds you can apply for to help towards the cost of 住宿, 必要的衣服, 设备和食物. 请IM体育app手机下载 学生资助 小组进一步了解情况.

IM体育下载尽一切努力满足学习者的支持需求. 支持的范围可以从一个支持到一个支持, 辅助技术或学习材料. 请确保在申请时透露任何学习需求, 所以IM体育下载可以确保适当的支持在学期开始时到位. IM体育下载专门的学习支持团队可以联系 lsc@mphpersonalstatement.com 或者你可以参观IM体育下载的 LSC 如果您有任何问题,请访问本网页.

IM体育下载的 student Wellbeing team are also t在这里 to support students and can help with a range of issues such as homesickness, 心理健康问题, 抑郁症, 焦虑, 健康和财政问题. IM体育下载还有一名现场牧师和合格的护士.

近年来, over £80 million has been invested in our on-campus facilities including an equestrian centre, 一个行业领先的食品中心, 新的体育设施,  农业技术中心和一个科学园艺设施, 英国独有的.

We have an educational zoo with over 150 different species of animal and a 252-hectare working farm.

一些品牌服装和重要的鞋类项目可以从IM体育下载在线商店. IM体育下载会在学生入学前提供一份装备清单.

你可以找出每个课程区域需要什么 点击这里.

Apprentices should discuss 必要的衣服 and equipment, including PPE, with their employers.

IM体育下载提供像足球这样的娱乐运动, 篮球和橄榄球以及羽毛球和瑜伽等其他运动. 拥有泰诺健设备的最先进健身房会员资格, Olympic lifting platform and a weights area is available at £120 per year (19/20 prices). We have a very active student association who organise lots of different activities in the evening and t在这里 are numerous societies for students to join.

是的, our Level 3 qualifications attract the same UCAS tariff points as A Levels to enable progression onto one of our degree programmes or one at another university.

For an example a Level 3 Extended Diploma is the equivalent of 3 A Levels and our Technical Baccalaureates are the equivalent of 4.5的水平.

IM体育下载有专门的 职业团队 who can provide assistance with UCAS applications, work experience and part time employment. Preparing our students for the world of work is part of our ethos to ensure our students are career focused and industry ready each student as part of their BeReady passport undertakes BeEmployable.

点击这里查看IM体育下载的学期日期. To ensure students make the most of college we would ask that any appointments are booked for their study days and holidays are taken outside college term time.

IM体育下载提供从入门级到学位级的课程. 学生根据预测成绩申请课程. 导师将在面试中详细讨论课程水平.

If their actual grades differ from their predicted grades we advise that students contact the college to discuss changing their level of course.

数学和英语 GCSE’s will continue to be studied at college should students not achieve a Grade 4 in these subjects.

你可以在IM体育下载的 为你选择正确的课程页面.

In the interest of safety, we will not be accepting cash payments on campus until further notice.

IM体育下载使用一种叫做iPay的系统,可以让你把钱存入学生证. 点击这里查看如何充值帐户的说明.

Reaseheath大学 is committed to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all its students, 工作人员和游客. 请在这里了解更多有关IM体育下载所采取的防护措施.

Once your son/daughter has enrolled and started at college you will have access to their progress via our 家长门户.